Earth Care Ministry

At a time of ecological crises when the earth’s precious resources are being abused, depleted and destroyed, God calls us to protect, sustain, and  restore the delicate balance of  His wonderful Creation. Westminster has always been environmentally conscious going back to when the church was built and an effort was made to preserve 6 acres of urban forest on our property.  In early 2012 a group was formed to discuss ecological concerns as stewards of the environment which later grew into the Earth Care Ministry Team.  We applied to (PC)USA to become an Earth Care Congregation and in January 2015 were certified as one of 160 or so Earth Care Congregations across nation.

To become certified as a PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation in the first year, a church fills out the Earth Care Pledge and tracks its commitments to earth care in the areas of worship, education, facilities and outreach.  The Earth Care Pledge must be approved by the Session and signed by the Moderator.  Each year to become re-certified as a PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation, a church tracks its continued commitments to earth care in the areas of worship, education, facilities, and outreach.

The Earth Care Pledge is a four-part response to the Call to Restore the Creation:

  • Our worship and discipleship will celebrate God’s grace and glory in creation
  • Our education will encourage and support each other in keeping and healing the creation
  • Our facilities will be managed, maintained, and upgraded to respect and cherish all creation
  • Our outreach will encourage community involvement and public policy to protect and restore the earth.

The Earth Care Ministry Team meets the 3rd Sunday of the month at 6:45 p.m.  Anyone interested in becoming involved in this ministry is welcomed whether or not you are a member of Westminster.