WELCOME!   We are glad that God brings us together to worship.  This Sunday, May 3, 2015 is the Fifth Sunday of Easter and The Sacrament of Holy Communion Sunday.

Scriptures:          1 John 4:7-21             John 15:1-8



We invite everyone to enjoy refreshments, conversation and fellowship with us after worship.  We look forward to talking with you. The church belongs to Christ.  We are a caring, inclusive, diverse church and welcome people of all races and nationalities, those struggling with addictions, rich and poor, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation.  Christ welcomes all, and so do we.  We are committed to lives of service to people in need and to changing the unfair systems that keeps them in need, and we invite you to join us in our ministries.  Trust in Christ is the sole requirement for membershipAnyone wishing to take this important step is cordially invited to contact the church office.

Children, even noisy children, are very welcome during worship.

Large print bulletins/hymns are available.  If needed, please ask a greeter for a copy.

 SUNDAY:  ● Worship 9:30   ●   Refreshments 10:30-11:00   ●  Sunday School 11:00

Word from our pastor 2
                                                                                                                                                           PASTOR LARRY GREEN
  • The nominating committee is actively seeking individuals to serve our congregation as Ruling Elders. EldersClipArt Our congregation is governed by a Session consisting of 9 Ruling Elders divided into 3 classes.  Ruling Elders generally meet on the 2ndSunday of every month to prayerfully consider the business of the church and to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in our midst.  Additionally, Ruling Elders commit to being a liaison with one or more of our committees and to regularly attend those meetings.  Ruling Elders serve as the spiritual head of the called and gathered membership and commit to praying for and leading the congregation in the ministry God has placed before us.   Ruling Elders are essential to the life and vitality of our collective body.  This year, we are in need of 4 Ruling Elders.  Three of those will serve a full 3-year term and one will serve a 2-year term.  You are invited to prayerfully consider whether you’re being called to serve as a Ruling Elder.  You may be contacted by the nominating committee to do just that, or you may sense on your own that you’re being called to serve in this capacity.  Those nominated and elected as Ruling Elders will undergo a period of preparation with the pastor and will then meet with Session, who will then call a congregational meeting for the purpose of electing you as Ruling Elders.  Once elected we will have a service of ordination and/or installation so that you may officially begin your ministry.  If you wish to nominate yourself, please see Don Eitzman, Christine Blythe, Kathy Green, Stewart Neilson, or Doug Livingston.  If you are nominating someone else, please ask that person for permission prior to submitting their name.

  • I am interested in developing a sermon feedback group. What is that?  It’s a group of people who commit to meeting and studying with me on a regular basis as I continue to develop sermons which are meaningful and significant to the congregation.  This group will meet on Wednesday mornings from 11am – 12pm in the Pastor’s Study and will begin in May.  We will study various homiletical styles and exegetical processes to help inform the process. You’ll be asked to provide regular feedback regarding the delivery of the sermon, the content of the sermon, and the relevance of the sermon to the life of the members of our community.  If you’re interested, please call the church office.  I’d like to begin this group in May.

  • The presbytery has a policy of conducting triennial visits with the Sessions of our member churches. The purpose of these visits is to get to know the churches a little better, to find ways to enhance relationships, and to strengthen the ties that bind us together.  I’d like to do the same with all of you and to come spend some time with you in your homes.  I have no agenda other than visiting and deepening the bonds between us.  Over the next few weeks you can sign up for a time for a visit by signing up on the bulletin board in the foyer, by calling the church office, or by emailing me (green@wpcgainesville.org ).  If you’d prefer to meet somewhere other than you home, that can be arranged as well.  For those who don’t sign up, we will contact you to set up something.

  • Have you ever thought about sharing your gifts and talents in worship? Maybe you can play an instrument or can sing a solo?  Maybe you can assist with worship leadership?  Maybe you like to act out the Scriptures?  Maybe you like to be “behind the scenes”.  We can use your assistance.  I am looking for 3-5 people to commit to working with me to plan out and organize worship for a 2-3 month period.  What does that entail?  It requires a commitment to prayer, to leadership, and to weekly meetings to organize and develop the worship experience.  Worship planning as a group provides the entire worshiping body with more breadth of worship experiences that one person cannot develop on their own.  We develop the entire liturgy based on the Scriptures for the day.  We can stick with the lectionary or we can develop themes for worship.  The first worship planning team will begin planning worship for June and July.  Contact me via e-mail or call the church office if you’re interested.  If you can’t do it at this time but are interested in being part of this experience at a future date, contact me and I’ll put you on the list for the next group of worship planners for August/September, or October/November/December.  You can also sign up in the foyer.

  • Have you logged into your personal account in our church management system? As previously mentioned, we are in the process of updating all records (addresses, birthdates, anniversary, etc) in order to enhance our communication with the entire congregation.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  To access your personal account, got to https://me.churchmembershiponline.com/  enter your email address in the box entitled “Need Your Login Information?” you will be sent an email with your password.
                                                                                     THE CHILDREN’S CONNECTIONchildren-playing-clip-art-i4-640x150
  • NURSERY CARE IS AVAILABLE DURING WORSHIP THROUGH SUNDAY SCHOOL HOUR (9:15AM-12:15PM). Please register your children to ensure the best care for them.
  • CHILDREN’S BULLETINS are available on the Children’s table in the Dickson foyer.  
  • TIME FOR CHILDREN during worship provides a way for children to become more involved in the service. All children are invited and encouraged to come forward at this time or they can remain seated with their families.
  • Sunday School Classes for elementary through high school meet in the Westminster House.
  • Adult Seminar I meets in Classroom #3 and is studying Crucified and Crowned by William Barclay. Don Eitzman is the discussion leader.
  • Adult Seminar II meets in the Christian Education Office. This is an interactive opportunity open to anyone who wants to extend their understanding of the scripture and sermon in this week’s worship service.  Come join this thoughtful group discussion!  Paul Carter is the discussion leader.
  • Adult Seminar III meets in Classroom #4 and is studying “The Cross in Our Context: Jesus and the Suffering World” by Douglas John Hall. Gwen Lombard is the discussion leader.
                                                                                                                       JOYS AND CONCERNS OF THE CONGREGATIONprayer-clipart
  • STUDENTS: We welcome all students and we lift our prayers for them wherever they are on their educational journey.
  • MILITARY MEMBERS: We pray for our Country and all those that serve in all military branches, wherever they are, and for all American diplomats who represent us around the world.
  • INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY CONCERNS: Prayers are requested for: Cecil Baker; Linda Ellwood; Jonathan Gil; Kenneth Jones (Norma Green’s Godson); Elizabeth Neilson; Lucille Schlichting; Millie Scott; Karen & Jerrie Shembab; Ed Singley; and Margaret Seymour.
  • OUR SISTER CHURCH: Hector Mendez is the Pastor of La Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana of Havana, Cuba.
  • Pray that the Sheriff, undersheriff & staff of Baker County Jail have compassion for the detainees in their care.

The Healthy Women Healthy Families Mother’s Day cards were in demand last Sunday and the 60 cards we had were gone before refreshment time was over. $385 was donated to this cause so far. Not only were we out of cards but the PCUSA office had distributed all the cards they had.  Several church members were disappointed that they did not get any cards so with the help of Gail we made 30 more cards with information about the Healthy Woman Healthy Families project that will be available May 3rd during refreshment time, if you would like to make a donation to honor your mother or other special women in your life.

Young Adults will meet for a potluck dinner at 4:00pm on Sunday, May 3rd in the Community Building.young_adult.gif

Join our Youth GroupThe Youth Groups (Middle & High School) will meet at 5:30 pm at Westminster House on Sunday, May 3rd.


The Stated Session Meeting will be at 6:00 pm on Sunday, May 3rd in the Community Building.


Caring for God’s Creation Koinonia Group will meet Sunday, April 3rd at 6:45 pm at the Hostetler’s residence.


The Youth invite you to attend their Mystery Theater fundraiser on Sunday, May 31stat 11am in the Community Building.  As part of the event you will become detectives and will attempt to figure out “Who Done It?”  Tickets will be on sale in the foyer beginning today.  Please stop by the table and sign up for the most intriguing and exciting event of your life.  May 31st is also our monthly pot-luck gathering, so plan on bringing a dish to share.



Happy BIrthday candles

Let’s wish Happy Birthday to Jonathan Gil 5/4th   and Kathy Green 5/6th


Bible Study meets each Tuesday at 10:30 am in Classroom #3.

bible study  choirpractice


                                                 The Choir meets each Wednesday at 5:30 pm for practice.





College students meet each Wednesday at 7:30 pm for food, fellowship and fun!banner_college-960x250

Pastor’s Coffee Hour is each Thursday, from 9-11 am at the Coffee Culture (2020 NW 13th St). Stop by and spend some time chatting about anything you’d like.  No appointment is necessary, just stop by and get a cup of coffee.coffee with a smile

LITURGISTS –   We Need You!—Liturgists are needed for June through December. Please sign up on the Servants List Rotation Calendar located on the bulletin board.  Liturgists are a vital part of our Sunday Service.

Bible & Brew

Bible & Brew will be on Thursday, May 7th from 7pm-9pm at Sweet Mel’s and all are welcome to join as we discuss various theological issues.



plants 2

COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENTAL EVENT : May 16th: Master Gardener Plant Sale, 8 a.m. – noon, UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County Office, 2800 NE 39th  Look for other events at  http://alachua.ifas.ufl.edu/calendar


Venturers, Friends & Children of all Ages: Let’s take a Tour—Mill Creek Farm,  Alachua – A Retirement Home for Horses.  Meet at church on May 16th at 9:30am for rides or directions.  We will have lunch at The Diner in High Springs.   Admission is Free—bring carrots to feed the horses.  Please sign up on the bulletin board.  More information is on the bulletin board also.     (Donations are welcome—Lucille will collect any—free will). Lucille (325-318-4951).





If you wish to send Jonathan a card or letter, address the envelope as follows: Gil, Jonathan M.  DC#G24622  Jefferson Correctional Institution 1050 Big Joe Road, Monticello, FL  32344

Please continue to pray for the ICE detainees in the Baker County Jail who, separated from loved ones, await disposition of their cases. They suffer loneliness, uncertainty, and fear for the future. Pray that the sheriff, undersheriff and staff of the jail will have compassion for these detainees.

The Outreach Committee is trying a new communication idea for spreading the word about specific, short-term compassion actions that are available to everyone.  Each week, we will post on the bulletin board in the foyer information that we receive about needs in our community that may appeal to different members of the congregation.  It may be a Habitat work day, a need for children’s underwear at a local school or a fund raiser for Family Promise.  We encourage everyone to spend a couple of minutes during the coffee hour checking out the board and finding something that you want to help with.  We will try to have a contact person listed, but feel free to contact any Outreach Committee member for more information.  Let’s all get involved in making life a little better!

If you are ill or if you are aware of anyone else that is ill, please contact the church office or Barbara Scott, Parish Nurse @ 372-7191. Should you have someone or something you would like to add, or any corrections or deletions to the JOYS AND CONCERNS OF THE CONGREGATION for our weekly Newsletter, please contact the church office.  Announcements for the Sunday worship bulletin are due to the church office by noon the prior Wednesday

Congregational CareIf you or someone you know in the congregation would like a visit from the Pastor or someone else from the church, please share this information with the Pastor, one of the Elders, or call the Church Office.

Currently there are three active Koinonia Groups with about 45-50 people involved.  Koinonia groups offer church members, friends and visitors’ fellowship, support during times of joy and concerns, and encouragement as we seek to live our lives in faith. These groups are always open and welcome anyone who would like to join.  For more information, there is a handout on the table in the Dickson foyer by the entrance.  Also, you can contact Don Eitzman (371-9494) or Jeanette Hostetler (505-5321) for additional information.

If you need to use a room in either the Sanctuary or Community Building, please contact the church office to schedule the space as early as possible. We have many groups/organizations that use our facilities and arrangements must be made.  This includes scheduling rooms to hold church committee meetings and/or functions.

Elder of the Month for May is Ryan Smith

Contact Ryan at 352-494-3137 regarding emergencies in the absence of the pastor.


                                                                                              Church Events for the Week, May 3 – 10, 2015mark your calendar 2

If you have a special meeting or event to be listed in the weekly calendar, please contact the Church Office by noon Wednesday.

                                                                                            THIS WEEK WITH WPC
Sunday 05/03/15 9:30 AM Worship Service
11:00 AM Sunday School Hour
4:00 PM Young Adults
5:30 PM Youth Group
6:00 PM Stated Session Meeting
6:45 PM Caring for God’s Creation Koinonia
Tuesday 05/05/15 10:30 AM Bible Study
Wednesday 05/06/15 5:30 PM Choir Practice
7:30 PM College Ministry
Thursday 05/07/15 9:00 AM Pastor’s Coffee Hour
7:00 PM Bible & Brew
                                                                                         PLANNING AHEAD
Sunday 05/10/15 9:30 AM Worship Service
11:00 AM Sunday School Hour
Sunday 05/31/15 11:00 AM Mystery Theater



Pastor Rev. Larry Green Parish Nurse Barbara Scott
Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dr. Glenn W. Dickson Young Adult Leader Deanna Henriksen
Venturers Lucille Schlichting Treasurer Sam Trickey
Music Director Dr. Will Kesling Interim Organist Lee Hyun Jeong Iang
Admin. Assistant Gail W. Acree

Session:    Christine Blythe, Don Eitzman, Sam Trickey, Carol Alderson(Clerk), Ryan Smith and Amber Switzer. Bethany Livingston, Paul Carter, and Tom Webster.

Committee Chairpersons:  Administration:  Gwen Lombard; Building & Grounds: Tom Webster & Ryan Smith;                        Christian Education:  Bob Lombard;  Congregational Care:  Mary Lou Eitzman;  Outreach: Jeanette Hostetler & Debbie Powell;  Worship:  Don Eitzman;

How to Find Us:

Church Phone:    352-378-4032

Church Fax:        352-378-0914

Church E-mail:   contact@wpcgainesville.org

Church Website:  http://www.wpcgainesville.org

Pastor’s Cell Phone:   352-210-8753

Pastor’s E-mail:  larry.green@wpcgainesville.org