Membership At Westminster

Are you interested in joining Westminster Presbyterian Church? The best way to learn more is to visit, get to know us, and contact our pastor to ask any questions.
Here are some frequently asked questions:

• Do I have to be a member to participate or take Communion?
No! Everyone is welcome to attend worship, take the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, and participate in many of our events and activities. Membership is a more formal way of officially joining our church family, which would allow you to vote in congregational meetings and a few other official things, but it’s not necessary to be a part of our community.

• I got baptized as a baby in a Catholic/Lutheran/Methodist/other denomination church. Do I have to be baptized again to join?
Nope! If you’ve been baptized, you are welcome to join our congregation by either affirmation of faith or letter of transfer from another church.

• I’ve never been baptized. What do I do?
Feel free to attend and fully participate, but if you’re ready to make a public declaration of faith and would like to be baptized in worship, please contact Pastor Becca.